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TU / 1993
Medium / The China News
Date / 1993.05.07



  Taipei's hottest nightspot, TU/Mambo, is planning a week-long party to benefit orphaned children in Taiwan beginning next week.

  Starting Tuesday and continuing through next Sunday, TU/Mambo will have two live bands, free food, surprise drawings and more. Additionally, anyone bringing an item to donate to orphaned children will receive a free drink! So bundle up a toy, clothing, sports equipment or anything else a child would dig and head down to TU/Mambo (B/1, 249 Fushing S. Road, Sec. 1; 704-7290) for another one of their butt-kicking parties. For those of you who remember TU/Mambo’s grand re-opening party last month, this is sure to be more of the same. Featured entertainment includes TU/Mambo’s in-house jazz band as well as DZB from Japan, who will perform some of their full repertoire of original music as well as covers from the Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. The fun begins at 7.