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TU / 1993
Medium / The Best Bars in Taipei
Date / 1993.08



  TuMambo is currently one of Taipei's hottest bars. In many respects it is Taipei's best. It is popular with foreigners and Chinese alike. The design is modern and interesting. The drinks are cheap and fairly good. The best feature is that they have a good house band and they regularly bring in other acts from overseas. You'll seldom be disappointed if you are out to hear some live music.

  The atmosphere at Tu is great. The management knows how to run a bar and throw a good party. Like it says on the menu, "Yo, Dudes and Dudettes, Let's Have Some Fun!"

  TuMambo is hard to find if you are not paying attention. It is just south of Jen Ai Rd. on the east side of Fushin Rd.. There is a small neon sign that is seldom lit and says Tu hanging out by the street. There is a Kaluha sign in the lobby of the building. You pay the cover to the doorman in the lobby and head down a flight of stairs to the bar in the basement