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Apocalypse Now >>Taipei - Fushing N. Rd. / 1993
Medium / The Best Bars in Taipei
Date / 1993.08


Apocalypse Now

  Apocalypse Now is Taipei's most modern beer hall. Somehow they managed to blend the traditional beer hall rows-of-tables layout with the look of a loft apartment in a renovated factory. There's a high ceiling, exposed brick walls, assorted oversized pipes and valves, and random art pieces. Although the decor is modern there is definitely nothing apocalyptic about it.

  The bar is split over three staggered levels but the top one is the only one of decent size and is definitely the most interesting. A DJ equipped with massive speakers spins decent tunes.

  Like most beer halls, most people come here to eat as well as drink. The selection is large and there is a picture menu to help out the foreigners. Of all the beer halls, this is probably the most foreigners new to Taipei would feel most comfortable in.

  Apocalypse Now is part of the TuMambo, Roxy3, and music Kitchen consortium and if you like any of them, you'll appreciate their beer hall brother.