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Roxy 3
Medium / The Best Bars in Taipei
Date / 1993.08


Roxy 3 Jazz Cafe (New Orleans)

  Roxy 3 is a small bar that, true to its name, always has jazz or blues CDs on the stereo. There is a large drink selection and prices are very good. There are also a few sandwiches on the menu.

  Its quite a bit classier than most of the student bars in the area. There are lots of old instruments and other assorted antiques hanging and lying around. Roxy 3 is usually busy but seldom crowded. The place only seats 50. There is an occasional foreigner here, but the clientele are mostly Chinese.

  Roxy 3 has a NT$100 minimum charge that is almost as ridiculous as the fact that they bother to enforce it, even if you order a NT$80 beer.