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New Orleans / 1992

Medium / The China Post
Date / 1994.11
Writer / David Wang


All jazzed up in New Orleans

   The owner of the New Orleans Jazz Cafe definitely deserves applause for jazzing up the decor inside the cafe-bar, or going to the trouble of hiring an informed interior decorator who knows his or her way around the 1940s theme.

  You are tastefully greeted with a powder-blue metallic dashboard of a vintage American car from the 40s as you push open the single-leaf French door. The owner of the cafe, who also runs several other thematic diners in Taipei, is shrewd enough to know that dark paint daubed over the bare ceiling with the pipes exposed doubles economically as a “mood” device. Black was chosen to stir the atmosphere in the cafe.

  The waitress was considerate enough to leave me to search for a suitable personal space without interference and yet prompt enough to present the menu, which is simply laid out on olive green cardboard.

  No doubt about it, the New Orleans Jazz Cafe is nine-tenths watering hole and one-tenth diner. Except for the snacks such as pistachios (NT$50), potato chips (NT$50), pop corn (NT$80), and watermelon seeds (NT$50), you may only choose from a submarine sandwich (NT$120), regular sandwich with beef, tuna, cheese or ham (NT$100), or plain toast with jam or peanut butter (NT$50).

The jazz cafe is excellent if u need a place to talk, daydream or hold a small gathering. Retrospective jazz fills the air. The cafe has an interesting enough view of the busy T-intersection of Roosevelt and Hsin Sheng South Road out of its full-width window on the second floor.

  Thirsty appetites may be slaked in a variety of ways, as the drink selection is more than adequate. Choose from teas (NT$120-150), sodas (NT$80), coffees (NT$100) with half-priced refills, fruit juices (NT$100-140), beers (NT$80-110) and highballs for NT$120. The Long Island Ice Tea is steep at NT$250. Enough 1940s paraphernalia such as farmed jazz album jackets, bulky typewriters, a “Miller” sign in neon and an upright piano too new to be a retro piece altogether makeup for the poor selection of edibles.

The staff at the Jazz Cafe are very energy-conscious with the air conditioner, so wear light clothes for your visit.

  Afternoon tea or coffee with snacks is available for NT$60 from 12:30p.m.-6p.m., after which the minimum charge per person is NT$100. New Orleans Jazz Cafe (02) 368-2165 2F, 300 Roosevelt Road, Sec.3