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TU Cafe

Medium / The China Post
Date / 1997.01
Writer / Maxie Gamboa

TU Cafe Grandma Nitti's opens new Chunghsiao branch

Back when the original Grandma Nitti's Kitchen was nothing more than a hole in the wall, if anyone had told me that there would be Grandma Nitti's restaurant dotted around Taipei within a couple of years. I would have called them an idiot, as Taipei's third TU Cafe Grandma Nitti's opened its door last Friday - with more planned to open later this year.

To the uninitiated Grandma Nitti's Rainbow Lin has been feeding foreigners homesick for grandma's home cooking for years. The latest TU Cafe follows this same principle in providing a clean and cozy atmosphere where diners can enjoy home-style Western cooking at reasonable prices.

Located directly behind Tonglin Department Store on Chunghsiao East road, Section 4, TU Cafe is light and airy, yet warm and cozy. Rainbow commands the no secrets here, just good food.

I opted for the set-lunch special, "roast beef with mashed potatoes" (NT$220). This included a large bowl of cream Italian beef-ball soup, a rich tomato-based delight splash of cream and a dash of Italian spices.

My entree consisted of a huge slice of U.S. roast beef smothered in a rich Italian gravy , and was tender and juicy. Jostling for room on my plated was a serving of onion. As I looked for an easy approach to start tucking into my roast, I couldn’t help but winder if it was possible to make a profit on serving so much for so little. More so when I was told all the ingredients were directly imported.

Included in the set lunch was a freshly- baked brownie melted chocolate and a ball of vanilla ice-cream –Set meals at TU Cafe vary from day to day, and I was told they would be around NT$220 to NT$320 depending on dishes.

Besides set meals, TU Cafe has such an extensive menu that it’s difficult to know where to start introducing dishes. Everything from toast to tacos to omelets to pita bread are available fro a reasonable price.

A few extra dishes have been added to the original menu, giving TU Cafe regulars something new to try, but essentially, you'll find all the favorites that helped Nitti's get into travel books' attention.